Briefly covered in the Who Are We? page, let us now look in some more depth at the range of services offered.

It is rare for any two projects to be the same, but an illustration of the whole range of services covers:

Before a project starts:

Workflow, ECM & BPM Product Selection

Choosing the right software tool to use.

Cost Benefit Analysis

Identifying where and how Workflow, ECM and BPM can help.

During a project:

Project Management

Initiating and Running the project.

Requirements Capture

Analysing & documenting the user requirements for the proposed system.

Business Process Design

Designing what the target process should be.

Automated Process Design

Designing how the workflow system will automate the target process.

Workflow Solution Build

Building the workflow model and user screens.

Workflow Implementation

Dealing with the cultural and practical issues when the system is implemented.

For existing solutions:

Performance Optimisation

Analysing where performance can be improved


Investigating existing operational problems